Donshi Art by Donald Shek Augmented-Chinatown-CAN-Donald-Shek

Exhibition and installation as part of the Chinese Arts Now Festival 2019 that ran from 23rd January to 3rd February.  The first arts festival in the UK dedicated to British-Chinese performance and culture.


“The territory no longer precedes the map, nor does it survive it.”

Simulacra and Simulation, Jean Baudrillard.


Join me on a guided tour as we meander and drift through the present Chinatown in Soho London.  The exploration of a hidden world that straddles between the digital and the real.  Combining video installation and digital sculptures in the form of augmented reality in contrast with the real world in Chinatown.  The works when pieced together form an alternative landscape that explores the ideas of identity, cultural symbolism, myth and the layered histories of the chinese communities and the diaspora.   The journey will take us through each of the digital installations in a progressive narrative from the early beginnings of the creation myth in Chinese mythology to present day situations.  I aim to bring new light to these stories and the links to other cultures that would hopefully generate new strands of thought and generate an interesting dicsussion.  The goal is it to break free from the predictable everyday lives, to be confronted by situations and the possibility to generate new perspectives.The tour will be accessible via the IOS app that will be developed specifically for the exhibition to enable the observer to view the augmented reality.  

Augmented Chinatown

By Donald Shek

CAN Festival - 23rd Jan - 3rd Feb

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Please ensure that you have Ios Version 11+ on your device.


Please note this app is over 150Mb thus can only be downloaded via a Wifi connection and not via the data network.

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