Donshi Art by Donald Shek

Box Art

Day #13 Uncontained Project

Presented by ShellsuiteZombie, 55DSL and Donshi.


ShellsuitZombie is a project run by and for the benefit of young creatives. Through a printed publication, website and regular events, talks and workshops they aim to represent the young voice in an industry too often dominated by the voices of those much older than ourselves.


55DSL is the the original Italian streetwear brand uniting subcultures around the world.  Created in 1994 as an experimental spin off of the popular Diesel brand.


55DSL partnered up with ShellsuiteZombie on a 30 day creative festival held at the 55DSL store in Boxpark Shoredtich London.


Uncontained - 30days 30 creatives.

One day to show the talent by an array of artists from different backgrounds. My proposal was named Boxart as it was to contain the concept but in a dynamic/uncontained environment, constantly shifting and altering.  We wanted to break the barriers between the observer and the artist.  



Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_07_By Donald Shek-Donshi Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_02__By_Donald-Shek_Donshi Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_03_By Donald Shek-Donshi Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_01_LowRes-By Donald-Shek-Donshi Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_08_by_Donald-Shek-Donshi Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_09_By-Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_10_By-Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_11_By-Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_12_Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_05_By-Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_08-By-Donald-Shek Donshi_BoxArt_Uncontained_Cig_04_By-Donald-Shek 1400804-Donshi-Cig-Image-PopEye-LowRes 1400804-Donshi-Cig-Image-Smoke-ME-LowRes Uncontained-Maquet